Munich inside: LOST WEEKEND – vegan café

To all Munich visitors or residents: I also want to share my favorite vegan places with you. The first one I want to introduce is a café and book store called Lost Weekend, located in Munich’s „Schellingstraße“ right at the subway station „Universität„. All beverages and snacks served are vegan! My heart flipped when I heard about this, since the café is located right next to my university building – I can have a quick snack there or take the yummie sandwiches and good coffee with me in class.


The best breakfast in town: soylatte, granola with soyghurt, naturally sweetened and covered with yummie jam, fruit and almonds.


Great vegan croissants (they also have ones filled with chocolate)


Today’s breakfast: a huge soy cappuccino


And last but not least: super yummie soy „meat“ covered with the best BBQ sauce ever in a crunchie ciabatta. Sooooo good!!!

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