I’m back ?

Hi guys!!! 

First of all: s.o.r.r.y!!! Sorry for not posting this long! It’s been some crazy few weeks which all started with me getting sick! But now I’m back and I am even bringing back some new changes! 

I realized that blogging about fashion is too expensive for a poor student like me, I decided I will (besides fashion posts which will still be on this blog) also post other vegan-related topics, such as food (duh! ;)) and beauty tipps! Since I am cooking almost every night, I will share my favorite recipes with you 🙂

But to start things off: here’s a new outfit post for you: beanie time again! The weather has gone from late summer to early winter in only a few days so it’s important to keep ourselves warm and cozy! 

I hope you enjoy you autumn and stay warm and healthy too! 

Kisses and stay tuned ???

ootd: beanie – h&m, coat – h&m, sweater – mango, jeans – h&m, shoes – adidas, bag -zara

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