An ode to Olaplex

Hi guys, 

this post is not a fashion post but one about an equally „important“ topic: hair. 

First of all I have to admit something really stupid: I dyed my hair myself. But not once, not twice, but three times in one day ???? 

Stupid I know. It was a hair color desaster and my hair turned grey instead of blonde. 

Since I already booked an appointment at a hair salon, so I went there and asked if they could do anything about this color. They saved me. Or better: Olaplex did. 

They used something called a blonde wash to get rid of the grey hair color and used the Olaplex treatments one and two to save my broken, super dry, sad looking hair. I had Olaplex before but without this initial hair disaster. So I couldn’t believe the results: my hair looks healthier than ever and I am so so so happy!!!!! 

Thank you Olaplex for this awesome crueltyfree product!!!! If you guys did a lot of bad things to your hair or just want it to be healthy again use this awesome product. This is not a sponsored post or anything (I wish ?) so believe me and try it out, you’ll love it and it’s been invented without any animal testing ???

Happy healthy hair again ?

Olaplex Treatments (picture by: Olaplex)

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