Bunte Burger – Vegan Burger Heaven

All-vegan restaurants can sometimes be annoyingly healthy. Being vegan doesn’t automatically mean that I want to eat carrots and bananas all day long. I sometimes wish to find a „regular“ restaurant where you can get yummy fast food without having to look at the ingredients. 

Et voilà – I found it. 

Bunte Burger in Cologne/Ehrenfeld (Hospeltstr. 1) serves only vegan food – mainly burgers as you can tell from the name. And it is so so so delicious. I had the pulled jackfruit burger but it is not the last to come. I swore to myself that I will visit this place so many times that I will have at least tried all the burgers once. (And there’s a lot of them) So so good and worth their price! 

Go check it out and enjoy! 

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