How to leave a smaller footprint (and a discount code for Doli Bottles at the end)

Hi guys!

As promised, here‘s my little blogpost on how we can help to keep our planet a little bit cleaner.

Reason for it was the World Environment Day on June 5th – a date which should be marked really big in our calendars, but not only there but in our brain itself.

Let’s keep our planet as pretty as it is! We want (need!) beautiful oceans, nature and natural air to breathe!

I‘m not going to talk about science here: we all know that our planet is suffering, climate change is happening and that plastic is currently killing our oceans and the animals which live in them.

So what can we do to stop this madness?


I never considered myself to be an environmentalist. Sometimes life just happens and you can’t help to buy a coffee to go cup or the veggies covered in plastic. And I love really long baths as well ?


But here are a few things I do to make my impact on the world as little as possible:

1. I went vegan. Did you know that animal farming is one of the biggest industries that kill our planet?

2. I recycle. Event though our house management does not offer recycling options (why???) I sort everything and carry it to containers a few streets away.

3. I try to buy second hand or sustainable fashion. The fashion industry is currently the biggest producer of microplastics… I love fashion but I try to buy all the clothes of big chains second hand (Kleiderkreisel, Ebay, vintage stores) or focus on sustainable labels which I already have or will introduce on my blog!

4. I try to always think of a second tote bag which I can easily put in my every day bag. This way I don‘t need extra bags when I shop groceries or other things.

5. I never use plastic bags when buying veggies. You have to wash them later anyhow, so why put them in an extra bag?

6. I always switch off all the lights I don‘t need in my house and even when I‘m at the office.

7. I don’t have a car. I walk to work (luxury I know) and use public transportation when I need it! In cases of when I need a car (which happen not very often) I use the car sharing program DriveNow.

8. I try (!!!) to bring my reusable coffee mug with me more often. As I said before: I‘m only human and when I‘m heading to the airport or the train station in desperate need of coffee I often don‘t have the time to sit down for it and use a coffee to go cup. But I will try to be better and bring a reusable cup with me more often. (I never use coffee to go cups in my everyday life or when I have the time to sit down fyi)

9. I don‘t use cosmetics with microplastics in them. Not only do these microplastics hurt animals in the ocean, they also aren‘t good for your skin. Try to find natural cosmetics which are free of any microplastics or toxics – for our planet and your body!

10. Last but not least: I recently started to carry my reusable water bottle around with me so I don‘t have to buy plastic ones all the time. I am so lucky that I got sponsored my Doli Bottles*ad* – the bottle is not only free of any toxics, made sustainably and helps our environment – it‘s also super pretty!





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I hope you guys liked my tipps on becoming more responsible and helpful to our environment: Always remember – THERE IS NO PLANET B!

Xoxo Elena