It’s getting frosty 

Hi guys,  winter season has officially started and it is time to buy some new knits to keep yourself warm. But for us vegans, it’s not as easy as it sounds! Wool-, Cashmere-, Mohair-, Alpaka-, (etc.) FREE Options often look cheap or don’t leave a nice feeling on your skin.  But I found a sweater […]

Bunte Burger – Vegan Burger Heaven

All-vegan restaurants can sometimes be annoyingly healthy. Being vegan doesn’t automatically mean that I want to eat carrots and bananas all day long. I sometimes wish to find a „regular“ restaurant where you can get yummy fast food without having to look at the ingredients.  Et voilà – I found it.  Bunte Burger in Cologne/Ehrenfeld […]

Time for a change

Hi guys!  I’m back and I hope you are still with me. I decided that this not-posting-anything stage of my blogging career has to be overcome with a big change. And what’s bigger than changing a name?  So here it is: this blog will no longer be called absofckingcrueltyfree but The Vegan Closet ???  Why? […]