Moringa – superfood & new recipe!!!

Hi guys!

I’ve got a very special blogpost for you today and am happy to announce my first collaboration with Terra Elements.

Terra Elements is a superfood shop located in Munich and they offer a huge variety of superfoods which naturally nourish our bodies with all necessary vitamins  and micronutrients.

The first product I want to introduce is powder made out of Moringa leaves. 

The leaves come from the Moringa tree, which is also called the tree of life. It’s vegan, gluten-free and gives your body a huge variety of vitamins, protein, all 8 amino acids and minerals.

And I love love love the color of it!!!!

But what to do with it? It is mostly used for green smoothies but since I (unfortunately!!!) don’t own a blender (yet!!!), a smoothie was not an option.

Since Moringa is connected to spinach I decided to offer you a recipe for a creamy, tasty spinach dish. This is my first Moringa recipe but stay tuned, there are many more to come.


1. Dice an onion and garlic

2. Chop up some fresh, well-washed spinach

3. Fry onions in a pan with olive oil

4. Add garlic, spinach and let it cook a little and add a teaspoon of paprica powder

5. To spice things up add some ginger powder

6. Add vegan cream such as soy cream by Alpro and cook everything for about 5 minutes

7. Moringa powder should not get cooked since it looses all its nutrients then. Take one teaspoon of the powder and stir it into the dish, either in the pan or when it is already on the plate.

8. Add some sprouts or other toppings you like and enjoy ?

I liked my first experience with the Moringa powder. It smells a little bit like green tea and gives the dish a fresh, light taste. Stay tuned for some other Moringa recipes and other superfoods like Baobab by Terra Elements.

Kisses ?