Vegan nail polish by Kia-Charlotta (& discount code)

The Munich based label Kia-Charlotta produces vegan nail polish which is not only crueltyfree but also comes in the prettiest, trendy colors. Another huge plus: They are free from 14 toxic ingredients which are:

1. Phtalates (incl. Dibutylphthalate (DBP), Diethylhexyl Phthalate (DEHP))

2. Toluene (also Methylbenzene)

3. Xylene

4. Camphor

5. Formaldehyde

6. Formaldehyde Resin

7. Ethyltosylamide

8. Triphenylphostphate

9. Colophoneum

10. Organic Halides (AOX)

11. Parabens

12. Silicone

13. Fragrances

14. Animal Derived Ingredients

The color range is fresh, trendy and offers so many choices. I decided to go with „Ambition“ and „Receive“ – one summer-y and one classy look. I also got the base and top coat. The base coat helps to protect your nails and also enhances the color you’re applying after. The top coat gives your manicure a shiny finish and seals everything.

The coral pink, summer vibe spreading color Ambition:

Ambition by Kia-Charlotta

A more elegant, sophisticated look with Receive:

Receive by Kia-Charlotta

Sometimes nail polish can be very annoying to apply – but the Kia-Charlotta ones are easy going, the colors look fabulous and the top coat seals everything. They are some of the longest lasting nail polishes I’ve ever used – I really mean it. I also applied them on my toes and the color lasted longer than a week even though I was walking around a lot and wore closed shoes every day.

Another positive aspect to report about Kia-Charlotta is the size of the bottles. Since most of us only use a small amount of the nail polish in the bottle and let the rest of it dry out, Kia-Charlotta decided to simply minimize the bottles to the amount we actually use! It’s not only budget friendly, but also helps to keep our resources and environment safe.

Animal friendly AND sustainable! That’s what I love the most ❤ (and my cat loves it, too)


Did I make you curious?

Check out the whole color range of Kia-Charlotta and get 15 % off your order by using my discount code „thevegancloset15″ – they ship worldwide ♥

Kia by Kia-Charlotta

Want to know more? Get to know Kia and her motivation about founding her brand in this video!



On my way to sustainability… with LNBF Footprints

When I started my blog the only thing I focused on was vegan fashion. But I realised very soon, that being vegan means more than simply rejecting animal products. It means to think about our planet and human rights as well. So right now I am trying to not only own a vegan closet, but also a sustainable one.

A Canadian label wrote me if I wanted to start a cooperation with them – right on time! Because most sustainable labels still have the image of being „alternative“ and „hippie-like“ I was looking for cool, trendy and elegant clothes which are sustainable as well. LNBF fits right into this description.

LNBF is a label from Canada which uses sustainable, high quality materials and transforms them into beautiful basic pieces.

„We strive to develop quality garments that are ethically-produced, organic as much as possible, and long-lasting. We know too well of overstuffed closets and last year’s unworn sale items. That is why we seek to make staples that last for years to come.“

With their idea, they meet so many problems of our society. Too many fast fashion items, too much waste, too often bad quality products – and no one thinks about the people, nature and animals who suffer for these clothes. Luckily, there’s change about to come. And what a great one!

I simply love the pieces LNBF sent me. Most of them are made of viscose bamboo, a fabric consisting of bamboo fibres. It’s not only sustainable and organic but also soooo soft. You can literally feel the quality! I received the SABRINA tunic and skirt, the JESSA t-shirt dress and a white basic tee called GRACIE. To watch the unpacking story check out the highlights on my instagram feed.

All of the clothes look amazing and they are so easy to combine. Always make sure to buy clothing which matches most of your closet aside from some special pieces!

Curious about how I styled the clothes? There you go 🙂


styled with a jeans skirt (Zara), second hand blazer and ankle boots (Topshop).


styled with old boots (Bershka), a second hand jeans jacket and my beloved V by Valentino bag.

SABRINA TUNIC AND SKIRTstyled with platform sneakers (Superga)

It is such a pleasure to cooperate with this great label and to enhance the sustainable, vegan fashion movement while having so much fun! Thank you LNBF!!!!

How do you guys like this label and the looks I created? Let me know!!!